Impact of advertisements


You walk on a road; ride on a bus; book a taxi and you notice advertisements bombarded at you. Some you notice and some you don’t. To be honest, most are not intended for you.

Advertisements are for promotion of goods and services say old school definitions. But advertisements are to motivate you emotionally so you start investigating about the particular commodity.

So where we stand! You may hate advertisements; skip ads on Youtube and remote across TV commercials. But reports speak different. A study says that a person gets exposed to 362 ads per day on an average. This is of “ads only intentional” whereas brand and advertisement “exposure” account to 5000+ per day as per study. So out of the 362, the ads that make an impression account to 12.

12 ads make an impact in your day-to-day life. So next time when you come across an ad just imagine the psychological impact of the ad on you. Advertisements are not just fillers; they actually make up a program or a project.

A modern day definition for an advertisement can be “Advertisement is the atom of the business world”. Break down any corporate process, it comes down to advertisement.



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    Also to much unwanted ‘Ads’, are creating indirect junks to our environment & type of pollution too.

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