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SocialMediaMarketingYou must be reading this post in your smartphone or your PC from a shared post through Facebook or Whatsapp. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on social networks everyday? Well, a study says Teens spend around nine hours a day on social platforms. Too much you think?!

An average person spends nearly  two hours(116 minutes) on social media everyday. This beats time spent on eating, drinking, socializing (actual socializing), and grooming. But this is well behind the time spent on conventional media – the TV. With growing consumption of data and digital media through social platforms, we can assure that the social media will surpass the conventional media.

Youtube comes in first, consuming over 40 minutes of a person’s day. Next comes Facebook consuming about 35 minutes. Snapchat and Instagram come in next with 25 minutes and 15 minutes per day respectively.

To be noted, Whatsapp is not taken into consideration as it more of personalized rather than socializing.  The point is not about the time being spent on social media platforms but about how we spend it.

We are in a transit: Social animal => Social media animal!





One thought on “Being Social

  1. SOCAIL MEDIA – Influencing in nature.

    Of course the usuage shows alarming. “Social Media” blended with our blood. Positively, the average usuage will be multiple drastically in future. And the booming platform to reach every common man. Many successful person are there, the way utilized the social media constructed them to popular and billionaire too.

    We cannot, also should not avoid the SOCIAL MEDIA. Everything depends on the individual & we have to handle it in effective manner.

    Further we cannot accept the level of usage. Awareness required without delay.

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