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Defining a brand


Well! There isn’t much needed to introduce the brand ‘Patanjali’. Even though you’ve never tried any of their products, I’m very sure you must have come across their billboards or ads.

Patanjali is a rapid growing Indian fmcg* brand. I call it rapid because the revenue of the company has grown from 160 cores in 2009-10 to a whooping 10,000 plus crores in 2016-17. Patanjali’s CEO Acharya Balakrishna is now one among India’s richest men, 25th richest to be precise with an estimated wealth of 25,000 crores.

So how did Patanjali become such a big brand in a short span?! The media presence of Patanjali is one worthy factor. Patanjali is majorly known by Baba Ramdev’s endorsement. Yes, the winking yoga guru. Interestingly, Ramdev doesn’t hold any stake in Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. With the widespread media presence and with targeted local marketing, Patanjali has already taken on the likes of Unilever.

You must have witnessed the emerging preference among people for Ayurveda and natural products. Patanjali has used this to the maximum. Most of their advertising campaigns are against foreign products and about promoting local made natural ones.

With ‘Make in India’ campaign and a strong supporting government at the Center, Patanjali is really reaching places.

*fmcg – fast moving consumer goods


One thought on “Defining a brand

  1. In my point of view ‘Patanjali’ – Indirect, Foreign Direct Investment & promoting as Indian company with the help of Mr.Baba Ramdev. Now-a-days no one can behave like ‘YOGI’ or ‘GURU’ just fake identity to attract peoples & earn money.

    Through the multiple name like natural,herbal,organic corporates marketing their products successfully. Actually ‘Who is yogi?’ term refer to “sannyasi or practitioners of meditation”. Initially all yogi’s creating their identity & after famous, they will start the bussiness like constructing hospital,univeristy,school and prepare own products,cosmetics.

    And it is correct, MAKE IN INDIA means foreign company products making in india. Of course, he succeeded as bussinessman. But here once again peoples are making foolish.



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